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AEI 2017

From maintenance activity through to expansion and new airport build there are always challenges and complexities at how this is achieved. Find out the how to do it.

Airport Expansion & Improvements (AEI 2017)

At the core of every Aerodrome’s operation. All Aerodromes will be completing improvements, even if this is to fulfill planned and reactive maintenance or regulatory and safety requirements.

Many aerodromes will be completing construction and development to improve or alter facilities & assets. Some aerodromes will be undertaking expansion – adding new taxiways, runways and terminals. Development, construction and expansion deals with the growing demand of Air transport, capacity and efficiency challenges as well as those that are required by the changing face and shape of Aircraft. There is also an emergence of new Airports being constructed in countries like China, India, Brazil and in the Middle East as the market opens up to wider populations.

From maintenance activity through to expansion and new airport build there are always challenges and complexities at how this is funded. Whether this is an opex budget decision or the multi-billion pound investment market, the same questions need to be answered; Is there a business need or benefit? Will the shareholders and investors realise the target return on investment? On top of this, there is always strict regulation about how airports are financially governed and regulated.

The structure and ownership of airport plays a vital role in the changing face of aviation – The break-up of Airport monopolies, the formation of Airport Groups and the overseas investments and management interest they have…The formation of Multi National Super Airport Groups is with us – Brand, design, prestige and operational safety & efficiency is key.

From the maintenance of a simple piece of civil infrastructure to building the best and largest Air Traffic Control Tower. From the best Terminal, to the development of a new Super Hub airport – Design is at the heart. Our designers work continuously with Airports and Constructors to achieve designs which are compliant with all regulations, exceed the customer’s requirements, and meet the political, economic, sustainable and social demands. All of these are done with the future in mind, looking at the buildability of a short-term solution to the needs of an industry in 2050.

Airports Expansion and Improvements – AEI looks to case study the challenges that are faced and met by Airports, Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers, Air Traffic Service Providers, Regulators and supported by Investors, Designers, Constructor’s and beyond. We look at current best practices and learning initiatives as airports introduce infrastructure, technology and process improvements to meet the demands of the ever challenging and expanding industry.

All You Need to Know AEI 2017

Join the global network of those that Invest, Design, Build and Operate the International Aviation Industry at AEI 2017, 6th & 7th December, London Heathrow Marriott Hotel.

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